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Happy Pride Month! This week, I wanted to highlight five LGBTQ+ authors and their fantastic horror novels. I am a huge horror fan and bookworm, so I made an appetizer for these authors’ books. I highly recommend checking out their books and websites. Let’s begin!

Books of Blood by Clive Barker

Clive Barker’s novel, Books of Blood, illustrates numerous short disturbing tales that align with one another. His work is Edgar Allen Poe mixed with Marquis de Sade due to his graphic imagery. Hulu released a film of this novel, but it did not meet my expectations. However, the book itself delivers a creepy and horrific collection of bloody tales.

Selected Stories by Poppy Z. Brite

Born in New Orleans on May 25, 1967, Poppy Z. Brite started writing at a young age. His novel, Selected Stories, contains a variety of his best-known horror stories. Brite’s genre centralizes in dark comedy and horror. He is best known for displaying gay men as main characters and gruesome images and events. I enjoyed his anthologies and the gory concept of his novels.

The Fallen Boys: A Novel of Psychological Horror by Aaron Dries

Aaron Dries was raised in a small town in Australia. He worked as a former video store clerk, pizza delivery boy, and other jobs. Dries is a filmmaker and writer; as a result, he has won a number of awards for his short films. Aside from his novels having unique artwork, his writing lures his readers and creates a horrific tragedy from beginning to end. In his book, The Fallen Boys: A Novel of Psychological Horror, Marshall becomes obsessed with uncovering his son’s suicide. He begins to uncover the secret inside an old teddy bear: a thumb drive. Upon discovering, Marshall is one step closer to finding the truth.

The Gilda Stories by Jewelle Gomez

Published on January 1, 2005, The Gilda Stories describes a lesbian vampire relationship. However, it tells the story of Gilda, an escaped slavery through a period of over 200 years. During that timeframe, Gilda witnesses a period of racism and slavery. Her story begins in Louisiana in 1850 when she is turned into a vampire after escaping from slavery. Throughout the novel, Gilda’s determined to define the concept of being human and the relationships she creates.

Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas

Aiden Thomas, a trans, Latinx New York Times best-selling author, promotes diversity portrayal in all media. Their paranormal novel, Cemetery Boys, describes the story of Yadriel, a trans boy whose traditional Latinx family struggles to accept his identity. To dispute this, Yadriel decides to demonstrate he is a real brujo. Yadriel, his cousin, and his best friend perform a ritual to summon Yadriel’s murdered cousin.

However, Julian Diaz, the school’s bad boy, had been summoned and refused to return. With his back against the wall, Yadriel decides to help Julian finish any loose ends. Yet, the more time they spend together, the harder it is to let Julian go. I appreciated the illustrations for the book cover, drawn by Mars Launderbaugh! More of his drawings can be found on his Twitter.

What other LGBTQ+ authors do you recommend?

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