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On Sunday, police apprehended and charged Joel Arciniega-Saenz, 25, for stabbing a man in Las Cruces, N. M.

Police had received reports regarding a body on the road. Upon their arrival, police discovered a decapitated person laying on its stomach. The victim had been identified as James Garcia; his head had been found 10 yards from his body.

After the encounter with Arciniega-Saenz in the park, police noticed his hands were covered in dried blood. Along with a knife, which had been stabbed into the ground. He commented to officers, but it’s unclear if he kicked the victim’s head.

The autopsy conducted on Garcia revealed that his middle finger had been removed. It had been found in a pool of blood under a tree, next to Arciniega-Saenz’s footsteps.

According to Arciniega-Saenz, the victim had raped his wife nearly four years ago. However, he did not provide the name of his wife.

Based on Newsweeks, in 2017, he was charged and arrested in connection with Benjamin Montoya’s murder.

At the moment, Arciniega-Saenz has been charged with first-degree murder.

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