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Over the weekend in Chicago was the Puerto Rican Day Parade. A few streets were shut down for the event to reroute traffic.

What started as a minor traffic accident ended with murder. Gyovanni Arzuaga was attending the parade with his girlfriend, the mother of his children.

Video showing the event spread quickly online. It shows 24-year-old Arzuaga and his girlfriend, 25, being drug from their car by a group of three people.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the video shows Arzuaga being shot trying to shield his girlfriend who was also shot in the neck. Arzuaga died after being transported to Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center.

His girlfriend, who was beaten and shot, was taken to Stroger Hospital. She remains in critical condition.

Police and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot “vowed to hunt down everyone” involved in the weekend shooting. While nobody has been taken into custody yet, Lightfoot says police have promising leads that led to one suspect being identified.

Killed just before Father’s Day, the community rallied and created a memorial near the scene of Arzuaga’s murder. Signs at the memorial read “Happy Father’s Day” and “RIP Gyo.”

Arzuaga’s friend Jae Pacheco planned on meeting with him later after the parade. He told the Sun-Times, “He was such an amazing friend. He was really caring,” continuing, “He was just about being around good vibes, being around good people.”

Mayor Lightfoot sends a message to those involved, “You know who you are. People know who you are. You need to turn yourself in because we are gonna spare no resource whatsoever to find them and bring you to justice and make sure that these people who created such brazen chaos and harm are held in custody ’til they see their day in court.”

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