haunted lalaurie mansion in new orleans

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Madame Marie Delphine LaLaurie used to live in the New Orleans mansion as a Louisiana socialite. Located in the French Quarters, LaLaurie threw lavish parties during the early 19th century.

Why is the mansion known for fancy parties haunted? In 1834, according to National Geographic, police were responding to a kitchen fire when they found several bodies, terribly mutilated, in the attic.

The bodies were found to be those of several enslaved people. This prompted outrage in the community and a mob followed.

It’s reported by Insider that LaLaurie’s third divorce led her to go crazy and begin torturing her enslaved workers. LaLaurie fled to France after her secret was out.

However, rumors began before the fire of 1834. The year before it’s reported an enslaved female worker fell from one of the mansion’s windows and she died.

Rumors of unimaginable torture appeared after LaLaurie fled to France. It’s said by Insider, she tortured her slaves by “drilling holes into their heads, breaking their bones, or removing their intestines.”

Legend says guests of the haunted mansion can hear the screams of LaLaurie’s victims. The mansion burnt down in the fire but was rebuilt by a private owner who doesn’t offer tours.

The haunted mansion provided inspiration for American Horror Story: Coven.

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