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Another film Friday! This week I watched Willy’s Wonderland, directed by Kevin Lewis.

Before watching Willy’s Wonderland, I expected an amusement park with haunted supernatural creatures while the narrator attempts to survive. At the beginning of the film, the narrator does not speak with anyone. However, this silence continues until the end of the film. While watching the film, the entertainment center reminded me of Chucky Cheese and the conspiracy theories. It also reminded me of Hulu’s short film, Into the Dark: The Hug.

Director Kevin Lewis’s action and horror film, Willy’s Wonderland, describes an individual driving on the open road before running into car trouble. After being taken to town by a passing truck driver, the individual does not have any cash to pay his outstanding debt for his car adjustments. Instead, the truck driver offers him a deal: work in exchange for his vehicle.

In a small town, Willy’s Wonderland had been an attraction site for birthday parties and entertainment. At first, it had been a successful business before being shut down after numerous murders occurred. Since its downfall, the building had been collecting dust for ten years until its doors reopen for a second time. Shortly after its reopening, Willy’s Wonderland received more lawsuits, forcing them to close.

Despite collecting dust over the years, the owner of the sites continues hiring janitors to tidy up the place. Over the years, various people have had car trouble while traveling near the town Willy’s located and disappearing. The mystery behind their disappearance doesn’t faze the narrator.

I mainly enjoyed the narrator’s mini-breaks between fighting for his life to drink soda and play an arcade game before continuing the fight. Despite the creepy possessed animatronic mascots, I highly recommend watching this film.

Willy’s Wonderland can be streamed on Hulu.

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