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“The Perfection” centers on Charlotte, a star pupil at the Bachoff Academy of Music, who had to drop out of school to take care of her dying mother. In the beginning of the film, Charlotte is seen flying to Shanghai to reunite with her former mentor at Bachoff, Anton and his wife Paloma.

Once in Shanghai, Charlotte meets another star pupil named Lizzie. Unlike Charlotte, Lizzie was able to excel outside of Bachoff and create a career for herself. Lizzie invites Charlotte on a road-trip through western China.

After a little while, Lizzie starts to become ill. Nobody on the bus in China speaks English, and Charlotte begins to panic that she will not be able to help Lizzie. The film then goes into several flashbacks and flash-forwards where some events start to become clearer and some questions are answered.

Variety News reviewed “The Perfection” and stated that after “40 minutes or so we start to see how the characters got in so deep. Subsequent events in Minnesota and Boston keep turning the tables, making victims into avengers and vice versa, the action growing ever-more grotesque.”

The cast includes Allison Williams as Charlotte, Logan Browning as Lizzie, Steven Weber as Anton, and Alaina Huffman as Paloma.

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