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Investigators digging under the house of a suspected serial killer on the outskirts of Mexico, have found 3,787 bone fragments so far on Saturday, apparently belonging to 17 different victims.

Prosecutors in the State of Mexico, which borders Mexico City, suggested the grisly finds may not end there as the investigation continues. In excavations that began last month, authorities have dug up the floors of the house where the suspect lived. Authorities said they will soon begin digging beneath the many other rooms he rented out on the same property.

On May 17, authorities began investigating the home of a suspect who has only been referred to as former butcher, “Andrés”. They were there looking for the wife of a police officer who went missing after a shopping trip. While searching throughout the house, the police made their way inside the 72-year-old’s cluttered basement and discovered the dismembered body of the 32-year-old wife.

A stack of Voter ID’s, notebooks, cellphones, jewelry,  and other possessions from people who disappeared years ago were found at his home, suggesting that the killings could go back years.

Due to Mexican laws protecting a suspect’s identity, authorities cannot fully identify who he is. He has since been arrested in connection to the killing of the 32-year-old woman and has told a judge that he did it, according to local news.

“I do not deny it. I blame myself as well,” he told the judge. “I’ve done it. Well, it’s done. There’s the husband, and well, he saw it.”

Prosecutors told The Washington Post that they are still examining the bone fragments and “carefully cleaning each one, identifying what part of the body they are and then placing them in their anatomical position,” They’ll be able to see then if they can extract any DNA to identify the victims.

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