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Another Friday film!

Director David Guy Levy’s psychological horror-thriller, Would You Rather, illustrates a dinner party that turns into a life and death situation. The film begins with a young woman named Iris (Brittany Snow), who lives with her brother Raleigh (Logan Miller). While looking after her brother, who has leukemia, Iris attempts to find a job to help cover her brother’s hospital expenses.

Raleigh’s doctor, Dr. Barden introduces Iris to Shepard Lambrick, describes the purpose his foundation provides for “everyday people” as he describes it. This includes creating opportunities or covering everyday expenses.

Lambrick offers a proposition: if Iris attends a dinner party hosted at his mansion and wins a game, he will cover her brother’s medical expenses. At first, the game appears innocently enough, but as the night continues, the game takes an escalated turn.

Upon watching the film, it reminded me of Australian filmmaker James Wan, the co-creator of Saw. Both films shared similarities between the concept of life vs. death. For instance, Wan’s film, John Kramer (Jigsaw) illustrates a series of games for his victims, in hopes that value their life. Levy’s film mirrors the same concept but in hopes of assisting those in need. Both films share gruesome images and similar yet different storylines!

I highly recommend watching this film, especially to all the horror fans out there!

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