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In the small town of Lucinda in North Queensland resides 406 people. All seemingly afraid of a doll on a swing.

Nobody in the town is too sure how to doll got there, however, one person told the Townsville Bulletin, a local couple may have put it there to add some cheer to the small town.

Cheer is the opposite of what the creepy doll brought. Locals are too afraid to get close fearing a streak of bad luck. Even a simple “hello” is off the table.

Tom Wood for Ladbible wrote that the doll sits atop a swing near a local mangrove swamp. Fisherman claim the doll casts bad luck on them, resulting in lost equipment or failed fishing trips.

The doll is said to even cause problems with the fishing boats. Local Hinchinbrook MP Nick Dametto, told the Townsville Bulletin “nobody really wants to talk about it.” With rumors swirling about the doll, Demetto says it’s nothing the locals want to “toy with.”

With no certain answers about the doll on a swing in Lucinda, I think it’s safe to say locals are too afraid to truthfully find out. The doll’s origins will remain a mystery.

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