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Before the pandemic, I had been a typical college student who commuted from home to school while having an on-campus job. My time was restricted, which led to leaving my favorite hobbies aside.

During, the first few weeks of the pandemic, I found myself having a bit of extra freedom. Unsure how to fulfill this time, I caught up on sleep. However, I began incorporating my favorite hobbies again. Some of them varied from watching BuzzFeed Unsolved, Top5s to narration stories.

One of my favorite creators, Be. Busta, an anonymous Australian YouTuber who narrates horror stories, Reddit posts, and let’s-not-meet-again encounters, produced a podcast with Studio 71. Released in August 2018, Be. Busta and Studio 71, their podcast, Be. Scared releases new episodes every week, describing different creepy encounters.

Before I began listening to spooky encounters and murder cases, I read about them instead. However, after coming across Be. Busta’s channel, along with many others, I appreciated the tone in each narration. Be. Busta’s tone is relaxing, and the length of his videos varies from half an hour to two or more.

I highly recommend his podcast! Sometimes I find myself binge-watching his recent videos until a new podcast episode is available or vice versa. I highly recommend Be. Busta’s channel and podcast, if any fellow MMNster, enjoy creepy storytelling!

Be. Scared is available on all streaming platforms.

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