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Sunday May 30, Opa-locka police responded to a 10-year-old boy being shot. Michael Williams, the boys father, told police his son begged him to shoot his paintball gun at a house.

The homeowner then returned fire with a real gun striking the boy in the chest. He faces no charges.

Williams, 26, drove his son to a house in the 2300 block of Rutland Street, according to WSVN. The boy started shooting his paintball gun into a crowd gathered outside the Florida home.

Neighbors say the boy was in the van with other kids, all wearing hoodies.

The homeowner feared for his family’s safety, returning fire. Amid the chaos, it’s reported the child somehow lost his footing and was then ran over by the father’s van said an NBC article.

Williams then drove the boy home where his mother called 911. The boy is expected to be okay.

A police report states that Williams was subsequently arrested and charged with “child neglect with great bodily harm.”

Neighbors are left bewildered. One neighbor Maurice Adams told WSVN, “We never had this as kids, never,” said Adams. “We played baseball with tennis balls in the street. We never had to worry about anything like this. This is crazy.”

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