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Voices For Justice is a podcast that focuses on true crime cases, primarily unsolved cases. Sarah Turney is the voice behind the podcast.

Turney experienced her own unsolved case after her sister, Alissa Turney, went missing in May 2001. She has been an advocate for justice for many unsolved cases including Amy Lynn Bradley, and Desiree Gibson.

Voices For Justice is the podcast for you if you are a “true crime junkie”, and want to hear more about unsolved cases that may not be getting as much media coverage as they should.

According to Turney, it is impossible to pick a favorite case that she has covered. Each case holds a special place.

A lot of research goes into planning an episode for a podcast, and Voices For Justice is no different.

“I have had a script 45 pages long,” explained Turney. A script that long can take a couple hours to record a full episode of a podcast.

A case like, The Yogurt Shop Murders, required a bunch of research and hours upon hours of planning.

The Yogurt Shop Murders is a case where on December 6, 1991 Sarah Harbison, 15; Amy Ayers, 13; Jennifer Harbison, and Eliza Thomas were found dead. Jennifer and Eliza worked at a yogurt shop called “I Can’t Believe It’s Yogurt.”

According to True Crime Files, investigators initially looked into serial killers who may have been in the area because of how brutal the murders were.

If you are interested in tuning into the next episode of Voices For Justice, below are a few links where you can find the podcast:

Voices For Justice

Voices For Justice on Spotify

Voices For Justice on Apple Podcasts

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