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On February 27th, 1995, Regina Krieger, 14, disappeared from her father’s basement. Nearly a month later, her body washed up in Cassia County, Idaho river. After 26 years, Krieger’s killer has been caught.

The following day, Krieger’s father reported her missing and described the amount of blood he discovered in his basement. Upon arriving at the scene, the blood trail led into the backyard. Krieger had not been found until a month later.

Krieger’s decaying body washed up on April 15th, 1995. Her body had been submerged in water for nearly 30 days. The autopsy concluded Krieger had been stabbed in the heart and her throat slashed.

According to a report, police had not believed Krieger was murdered. Instead, “[Investigators] believed that she had ran away or taken her own life.”

Due to three witnesses’ reports, police managed to arrest Gilberto Flores Rodriguez, 58. Each witness described the night Krieger had been murdered. One claims Rodriguez threw Krieger’s body into the river while burying the murder weapon.

On Tuesday, Rodriguez was convicted of first-degree murder.

Rodriguez is due for an upcoming sentence on August 26th. It’s unclear whether Rodriguez will face the death penalty or life imprisonment.

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