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I’ve never been one for ghost stories, it freaks me out. But living in a city as haunted as Cardiff, I couldn’t not get sucked in by it.

My house

I live in a small university house, it’s creaky and old – and probably haunted!  My housemate has woken up numerous times believing a female figure was stood over her bed screaming – it was not me. Two weeks ago, I was doing some research because quite frankly I didn’t believe her. Turns out in the early 1920s, a young woman was murdered by her husband in the house that adjoins to my housemate’s room. I don’t think I ever want to be alone in the house again.

Cardiff Castle

The Castle is one of Cardiff’s most iconic landmarks coming from Roman, Norman and Victorian heritage. The castle is adorned with animal statues that hang on the walls and I always feel like I’m being watched when I walk past. There are claims that at night a silhouette of the Norman Keep wanders the grounds. Other people have seen a ‘faceless vision in a flowing grey/white skirt’ moving items around – people believe this to be Lady Sophia Rawdon-Hastings. Every morning at 3:45am without fail, the main dining room doors open and then close – even when locked. I know where I am avoiding now…

Cardiff Royal Infirmary

The infirmary opened in 1822 and ever since there have been years of unexplained paranormal activities. A security worker was monitoring the cameras when he saw a lady come out of the security office and pass in front of him on the monitor – but nobody was there.

I’ve been to the infirmary once and it reminds me of an old Victorian building – I got lost in it once before closing time and it was not enjoyable. There are numerous accounts of vanishing nurses, wounded soldiers trailing the wards, and children who like to tap you when you walk up the stairs. The Pathology ward ended up having an exorcism!

National Museum of Wales

Being a museum, of course there is a chance of it being haunted. The building’s architect Dunbar Smith is said to roam the halls after his ashes were buried in the museum; after the museum was renovated, public toilets were installed over his burial site. A recording of a voice saying ‘The wrong place!’ has been captured. It is understandable why dead Dunbar is annoyed – I would be.

St Fagan’s Museum of Natural History

St Fagan’s is supposed to be the most haunted museum in the country. The most haunted building is the Elizabethan House, which includes a bed where a woman and baby died in childbirth. It is also the site of a 1648 Civil War battle where over 200 men died. In 2016 a mum taking a picture of her young son captured two of the soldiers in a photograph.

By Derry Salter

Cardiff University Journalism and Communications student. Intern for MMN.

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