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Hulu released a 2009 South Korean horror film by Park Chan-wook. Director Park Chan-wook’s Thirst describes the journey of a Catholic priest after being turned into a vampire and abandoning his beliefs.

Father Sang-hyun, a caring Catholic priest who volunteers at the hospital and offers prayers. Despite being kind-hearted, Sang-hyun undergoes doubt and yearns to end anyone’s suffering.

He enlists in an experiment for a vaccine against Emmanuel Virus (EV) along with 500 individuals. Yet, Sang-hyun was the only failed experiment and survivor. Due to the results, Sang-hyun is worshiped for being the only survivor, putting him in the spotlight.

Before watching the film, my expectations were low, since vampire movies are not my favorite storylines. Yet, after watching I was intrigued by the cinematography. I enjoyed the shift of color from dull to bright; mainly seen before and after Sang-hyun and Tae-ju got together.

The vibrant colors implied a new beginning for the young couple, while the dull indicated suffering and sadness. Although the couple enjoyed their first moments of freedom, their illusion begins to tumble.

Towards the last scene, Sang-hyun drives himself and Tae-ju to an isolated area. The camera exposure visualized the suffocation and frustration from, Tae-ju. During the same scene, Tae-ju attempts to cover herself with anything as the sun rises, but fails.

I highly recommend this film, especially if you’re fond of vampires!

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