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It’s been exactly one month since Aaliyah Ramirez went missing. The teen was last seen April 27th on her way to the bus stop. Doorbell footage last captures her outside her Indiana home. She lives in Syracuse with her father, Anthony Ramirez and sisters.

Syracuse police issued a Silver Alert the day after she went missing.

Aaliyah is 14-years-old with black hair and brown eyes. Her family describes her as 5’9″ and 138 lbs. According to NBC News, Aaliyah was wearing a black zip-up jacket with grey and white sweatpants. She was also carrying a purple Nike backpack.

screenshot from dateline twitter post with missing person photo
Dateline has taken an interest in the missing teen’s case. The channel took to Twitter to post information about the teen. Photo from Dateline’s Twitter

In a CBS 12 article, it’s noted Aaliyah has family connections to Palm Beach County and could possibly be in the Florida area. However, police searched a family home in Boynton Beach but didn’t find anything. Palm Beach County police continue to work with Syracuse police to find Aaliyah.

Syracuse police told WPTV another area worth searching to police is Marion, Indiana where she also has family.

Aaliyah’s father, Anthony, told NBC’s Dateline the morning was completely normal. The evening before, Anthony said his daughter spoke to him excitedly about a UFC fighter. Anthony only knew something was wrong when he received a call from Aaliyah’s school saying she never arrived.

He told NBC, “I just want my daughter back home.” Anthony said he knew something was wrong immediately. He says she would never run away, leading him to believe she’s been taken. Anthony said they like to ride mini bikes and fishing.

Aaliyah’s mother, Ashli Aspy, lives two hours away in Hartford City. She said she last saw her daughter the Sunday before she went missing. She told Dateline they had a great day of bonding, getting their nails done and doing some shopping.

Aspy told NBC she knows there are accusations against the family, calling their family dynamic complicated. She hopes polygraph tests will clear things up. A letter Aaliyah wrote to the court system alleges abuse.

a letter written by the missing teen
A letter written by the missing teen alleging an abusive household. Photos via Twitter

a letter written by the missing teen alleging abuse

Aspy described her daughter as loving dance, specifically contemporary. She said Aaliyah was excited to be going to public school after years of homeschooling.

Her close friend, Katie Reynolds told WPTA21, Aaliyah studied at a dance studio in Marion and at the Indiana Ballet Conservatory in Indianapolis. She described the missing teen as one of the “sweetest girls.”

missing poster from the dance center
Aaliyah’s dance family is rallying to find her and bring her home safely. Photo via Twitter

There is an outpour of support from her community and dance family taking to social media to share her story. The hashtag #FindAaliyahRamirez is circulating in the media. There is a public Facebook page dedicated to finding Aaliyah.

Aaliyah’s ballet teacher, Hailey Toy spoke to her directly saying in a People article, “People care about you and people love you, and we’re going to get you home safely.”

If anyone has any information, they’re encouraged to contact Syracuse PD at 574-267-5667.

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