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A woman is stabbed after declining an offer of $5,000 in exchange for sex.
On Monday, Rene Laso, 55, was apprehended by police outside a bar after purportedly stabbing a woman and her boyfriend. Laso offered the woman $5,000 to have sex with him. Upon declining the offer, Laso stabbed both of them.
According to police, the victim had been harassed by Laso over the course of months. Some of these incidents resulted in Laso offering money in exchange for sex. Laso arrived at Smiles where a heated argument unfolded between the victim and her boyfriend. After stabbing both victims, Laso attempted to escape to which he failed.

Both victims were transported to the hospital after receiving numerous stabbed wounds.

Upon his arrest, Laso was charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Currently, he is waiting for a court date.

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