Terry murder manhunt

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After a week-long manhunt, Tyler Terry was finally located in Chester County, South Carolina on Monday and arrested for the suspected murder of Eugene Simpson.

Terry has been on the run from the police since late last Monday night when he allegedly fired several shots at Chester County Sheriff’s Office deputies. The shooting was the result of a high-speed chase between Terry and the police that ultimately ended in a crash on Highway 9 in Richburg, South Carolina. The driver of the car, Adrienne Simpson, was arrested on the scene.

According to police, Simpson and Terry were on an alleged crime spree together. Now Simpson is facing multiple charges against her, including the murder of her husband, Eugene Simpson.

Simpson admitted that she and Terry shot Eugene on May 2 and then dumped his body on Stroud Road in Great Falls. In addition to Eugene’s death, Terry has been linked to three other homicides over the last month— two in St. Louis County, Missouri and one more in York, South Carolina. 

The search for Terry amassed to more than 300 law enforcement officers along Highway 9 to South Carolina Highway 99. Police used resources from the ground and the air for their search, including helicopters from the South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division. FBI agents from Charlotte as well as state and federal agents were included in the massive search.

“Law enforcement officers are extremely tired, frustrated that it’s gotten to this point, I recognize the community is frustrated we don’t have him in custody and I can promise you there is no one more frustrated than me,” Sheriff Max Dorsey said last week.

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