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Claire Scheulin went on a trip with a few girlfriends and ended up an overnight sensation. During her trip, @claire.scheulin on TikTok, posted a video of her ‘creepy’ accommodations racking up over one million likes. Scheulin posted the video on the 11th of this month with the caption simply reading “sketchy.”

Screenshot from Claire's tiktok featuring her face
Scheulin’s post went viral overnight

She also put “pov: your Airbnb has an abandoned mall in the basement.” The original video shows an abandoned mall stair case and a long hallway. When Scheulin posted the video, she “did not expect this to blow up,” and says it’s “creepy but fine.”

photo showing abandoned mall

Claire shows the abandoned mall.After receiving hundreds of comments asking for a tour, Scheulin and her friends explore the mall. In a series of videos Scheulin reveals a room filled with vintage furniture and an elevator.

images from inside the abandoned mall
Images from inside the abandoned mall show a furnished room and an elevator.

A few days later a man going by the username @whomjosh posted a video in reaction to Scheulin’s. He too stayed at the hotel that has the abandoned mall under it. However, he reveals it may not be all that abandoned. @whomjosh talks about his experience in the short TikTok saying there is still a café people sit and have coffee at.

Scheulin responded posting a video of several older people sitting and enjoying coffee in the abandoned mall.

While Scheulin didn’t want to reveal the location while she was staying there, she later posted the link in her TikTok bio when she left.

Many web sleuths found the hotel and abandoned mall to be that of The Hollywood Beach Hotel in Hollywood, Florida. There are many more photo’s on the hotel’s Trip Advisor page.



According to the hotel’s website, it was once called the “Grand Lady.” Opened in 1925 by Joseph Young, the beachfront resort was modeled after the “Mediterranean Revival style.” The website reveals the abandoned mall’s name as the Ocean Walk Mall.

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