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The first day of May in Brazil marks the murder of a 25-year-old LGBTQ+ activist. Police found the body of the young Brazilian professor, Lindolfo Kosmaski, burned and shot. His body was discovered in a charred vehicle near a highway in São João do Triunfo.

Kosmaski, according to UOL News, was working toward a master’s degree at the Federal University of Paraná. The article also states he was a candidate for city councilman last year. The young man was also an activist with Brazil’s Landless Workers Movement (MST).

A statement from the MST says, “Lindolfo portrays the trajectory of someone who raises the banner of sexual and gender diversity with agroecology, taking firmer steps towards their freedom and human emancipation. And so, with others he decides to walk together, he takes on this great challenge of posing as militants of this life.”

Kosmaski’s life wan’t easy, being born in a small poor community. He was known to students and friends to be extraordinarily caring and “full of dreams.”

An article from Metro Weekly states Kosmaski was “last seen April 30th at a local bar.” Kosmaski’s cousin Benedito Camargo told UOL, a friend said Kosmaski may have received a death threat just days before he was murdered.

While a motive isn’t known, police are investigating Kosmaski’s murder as a hate crime. However, three men, 20, 33 and 39, known to Kosmaski are in police custody in relation to the murder.

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