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Hulu’s Into the Dark series released a psychosexual horror-thriller film,Tentacles. Upon its release after Valentine’s Day, I decided to give it a chance, which did not go well. However, I chose to rewatch it months later and give it another chance. 

The film begins with a young female named Tara Parrish (Dana Drori). While looking for a new place to settle, Tara encounters Sam Anselm (Casey Deidrick) at an open house. Sam is a photographer for real estate and offers Tara a house suggestion. Upon their first meeting, Tara becomes romantically involved with Sam. Yet, their relationship begins to escalate, and their true intentions unravel.

At first, I was intrigued by the creature’s appearance with tentacles and the dramatic shift into the desert. Then the film dives into the storyline, where Sam and Tara move quickly into their relationship. Yet, as I continued viewing, the film’s pacing was off-putting—like Sam and Tara’s relationship.

As the film reached an end, I found myself disappointed with the final details unraveling. Aside from the pacing, the ending started to be predictable. Although it wasn’t the best, I appreciated the acting performance of Dana Drori.

One of the reviews for the film said, “the ideas are half-baked and inconsistent.” I agree with this claim since I was expecting more from the film. After the first appearance of the tentacles, I presumed more scenes would include them. However, the tentacles appeared slightly until the end.

I wouldn’t recommend this film.

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