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An anonymous person sent a letter to Cleveland news outlet Fox 8 in connection with a 2019 double murder. Since reporters received the letter, the Fox 8 I-Team continues to investigate.

Kate Brown, 33, and Carnell Sledge, 40, were shot to death back in June 2019 at the Rocky River Reservation. The anonymous letter makes new claims as to who the shooter is. The I-Team turned the letter over to the FBI. However, investigators say they need more information.

A few weeks ago, the Fox 8 I-Team released police footage of the scene shortly after responding to the call. They note how full the parking lot is and the hustle and bustle of the park. It’s worth noting police interviewed some park-goers but didn’t get any valuable information.

The anonymous letter claims the shooter was a female. The letter describes her as wearing a green zip-up sweatshirt and cuffed jeans with black shoes and white socks. The anonymous author claims the woman shot both Brown and Sledge after a verbal altercation with Sledge.

Hoping to help solve the case, two local men Scott Roder and Patrick Mooney, looked over evidence and put together a computer animation of what possibly happened at the time of the shooting. The two men work for The Evidence Room which specializes in shooting and crime scene reconstruction.

The families of Brown and Sledge make a plea to the public to come forward with any information that could lead to an arrest. Kate Brown’s father, Tom Brown, told Fox 8, “And I want people to know the last two years have been torture for our family. Been absolute torture.”

One thought on “Anonymous Letter Could Lead to Break In Two-Year-Old Cold Case”
  1. It’s very creepy knowing a killer is still walking free. I don’t know how reliable the letter is, but maybe this person wants to be caught.?? So heartbreaking for both families.

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