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LeDonia Boggs, 38, admitted in an interview to dumping her two-month-old son Kyon Jones in the trash after finding him unresponsive. Kyon was last seen around May 5th according to his father. Boggs told the infant’s father Child Protective Services (CPS) took the baby and he wouldn’t be seen for a long time.

Boggs story changed when Kyon’s father called CPS to confirm if they had the child. D.C. police arrested Boggs a few days later. She’s charged with murder and tampering with evidence.

However, after an arraignment last Saturday the 15th, Boggs was set free without bail to D.C. Pretrial Services Agency. In a report from FOX 5, a PSA representative stated Boggs release came with two terms: stay away from minors and report her address.

Originally, she told police May 8th, she didn’t want the baby due to relationship issues with Kyon’s father. Boggs then told another story saying she slept with the two-month-old between her and the wall. She claims she fell asleep with Kyon on her chest and woke up with him under her stomach unresponsive.

Another story Boggs told, which she later retracted, was that she was under the influence of PCP and hallucinating at the time of Kyon’s death.

In a series of interviews with police, Boggs says she found Kyon unresponsive and panicked. She then disposed of the baby in a dumpster. Boggs told D.C. missing persons advocate Henderson Long, “I went outside, I came back in the house and got a blanket and his car seat and wrapped it up and took it outside and just [threw] it in the trash.”

Long recorded his interview with Boggs and live streamed it on his Facebook. Kyon’s father is still searching for answers.

According to NBC Washington News 4, police are searching landfills in the Richmond area. Court documents reveal surveillance caught Boggs walking to the dumpster carrying a carseat, plastic bag and a cardboard box.

Boggs’ next court appearance is set for November 19th.

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