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Holly Simmons was 46 when she disappeared on November 27th, 2006. Simmons was last seen dropping her 17-year-old daughter at a bus stop.

On July 7th, 2009, her body was found at the bottom of the lake. The diver who discovered her described Simmons’ body as being covered in concrete bags.

Years later, Simmons’ landlord, Jimmy Wolfenbarger, 57, is accused of murdering Simmons. On May 12th, Wolfenbarger was arrested; however, he was released on bail of $2 million. 

According to a public safety statement provided by People News, “Wolfenbarger, Simmons’ landlord, lived near her home in an RV park at the time. He often had disputes with Simmons regarding one of her two daughters.”

At the moment, there hasn’t been a potential motive. Wolfenbarger is scheduled for an indictment on June 10th.

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