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Terrell Rhodes has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder after admitting to killing his girlfriend’s two-year-old son Amari Nicholson last week.

On April 30, Amari’s mother left her son in the custody of Rhodes while she traveled to Colorado to take care of her recently injured mother. Rhodes and Amari were staying in the couple’s Las Vegas apartment until an unidentified woman allegedly stopped by on May 5 to pick up the toddler.

According to Amari’s mother, Tayler Nicholson, she and her boyfriend began arguing via telephone and text message. On May 3, Tayler announced that her relationship with Rhodes was over and that she was going to visit the apartment to collect her son and her belongings when she returned.

Rhodes notified Tayler that Amari had been picked up on May 5, and Tayler called 9-1-1 to report that her son had been kidnapped. Police officers visited the couple’s apartment and ultimately decided that the matter appeared to be a possible child custody dispute and left the premises. Tayler called authorities again after returning to Las Vegas and the police failed to locate her child.

On May 6, police investigated the couple’s apartment once more and found blood on a bedroom wall as well as a bag filled with soiled children’s clothes in a closet. On May 11, Rhodes told police that Amari had urinated on his clothing and that the child’s incontinence upset him so much that he hit him three or four times with a closed fist.

Rhodes reported that the child turned purple and blue in the face and then stopped breathing altogether. He stated that he first attempted CPR before carrying Amari’s body outside and disposing of it on Twain Avenue near Emerald Suites. The boy’s body was found on Wednesday. 

Before confessing to Amari’s murder, Rhodes had lied to investigators for a week about where the boy’s potential whereabouts might have been.

“The defendant ended up confessing to Metropolitan Police detectives that he abused the child, hit the child numerous times, causing his death,” prosecutor Tim Fattig said while speaking at Rhodes’ initial court appearance on Wednesday. “He then ended up hiding the body after this occurred.”
During the hearing, Rhodes was not granted bail and has been ordered to remain in jail until his trial. Rhodes is scheduled to return to court on Monday where he will likely face additional charges other than first-degree murder.

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