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Netflix recently released a new series, Haunted: Latin America. The show comprises a single season with five episodes. Within each episode, different individuals described their paranormal experiences from Latin America. Some of these encounters vary from urban legends to haunted houses.

Director Adrián García Bogliano provides a safe space and opportunity for each persona to describe their paranormal encounter. During the show, everyone gathers in a circle. The speaker retells their event alongside the friends and family affected by these events. Several speakers from the series disclosed that the entity that haunts them remains with them to this day.

Yes, the show only has a short amount of episodes; luckily, Netflix has the original series, “Haunted.” It shares the same concept as Haunted: Latin America, and it has more than one season! The sole dispute: the region in which these experiences occurred—in the United States.

While I watched the show, it reminded me of listening to podcasts or Be Busta’s YouTube channel who narrates Reddit, horror, and let’s-not-meet-again encounters. I listen to all these narrations throughout my day-to-day life, and I enjoy hearing and learning about all these events.

Besides the limited episodes, I recommend watching this Netflix series, especially to all the horror fans out there!

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