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As tensions in Myanmar continue to rise over the government operated coup, many citizens have begun to rise up in opposition to take back their country.


One such individual is former Myanmar’s 2013 beauty queen, Htar Htet Htet. She has forgone her glamour life of glitz gowns, perfectly quaff hair, and international admiration, to take up in arms in the conflicts in her country continue. Instead, now donning black combat fatigues and armed with heavy artillery weapons, in a recent image of herself that has since gone viral.

Htet has said in a recent May 11th post on Facebook:


“We all protested peacefully and were brutally shot. It’s time to take action, as the saying goes, to fight back. It takes a lot of patience, practice, and preparation. We with pens, with keyboards, or with arms, all need to be united to be completely fulfilled.”


Her post has been shared more than 17,000 times over Facebook.


Htet went onto continue that she has left everything behind so there is nothing to lose. She is more than ready to be an ally to civilians who many have been met with violence and death. Htet has had no prior combat experience and has since resided in a remote jungle were she and other recruits are training.


According to VICE news, the government has arrested 38 people this week alone. Who they claim were planning to train with other armed insurgents in order to set off homemade bombs in the city of Yangon.


Htet is also not the first former beauty queen to step up and speak against the coup. Myanmar’s 2021 Miss Grand International, Han Lay, has used her plat form to bring attention to the plight of Myanmar, asking the world for assistance in this matter.

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