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Police continue their search for a body at a cafe in Gloucester, with fears that a girl linked to serial killer Fred West may be buried there.

Mary Bastholm worked at the cafe and went missing on 6 January 1968. The 15-year-old remains missing. Documentary-makers called the police to The Clean Plate – where West was a frequent customer. His first victim, Anne McFall, also worked at the cafe.

According to Rose West, she knows nothing about the disappearance of the victim. Her comment is: “Well that was before my time.” However, the solicitor of the West family says it is “unlikely” that the police will find the victim’s body in the cafe.

In 1994, West confessed to the murder of his daughter. The police started searching the family home at 25 Cromwell Street, finding nine bodies. Him and his wife Rose were jointly charged with nine murders.

In 2012, a petition called for the police to investigate the nearby cafes in relation to Bastholm’s disappearance. However, Chief Constable Tony Melville said there is “simply no evidence to support the idea that Mary is buried in that location.” Now new evidence has come to light, the investigation re-opens.

Gloucestershire Police will be at the site for a number of weeks, with excavation work yet to begin.

By Derry Salter

Cardiff University Journalism and Communications student. Intern for MMN.

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