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Police arrested a murder suspect out on bail after neighbours spotted him walking a pet tiger around Texas.

On May 9, officers arrived at a Houston neighbourhood after receiving alerts of a tiger on the street. The suspect Victor Hugo Cuevas put the Bengal tiger in an SUV and drove away. Despite a brief police chase, Cuevas and the tiger got away. However, police found and arrested the suspect on May 10 at 20:00.

Cuevas, 26, faces an additional charge of evading arrest. Although the suspect drove the tiger away, his lawyer claims that his client does not own the tiger nor was taking care of it. In Houston, tigers are banned from city limits unless the handler is licensed to own exotic animals. However, Cuevas’ lawyer insists the defendant has not committed any crime.

However, the tiger remains on the loose. Police Commander Ron Borza said the main concern is finding the animal: “We have plenty of places we can take that tiger and keep it safe, and give it a home for the rest of its life.”

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By Derry Salter

Cardiff University Journalism and Communications student. Intern for MMN.

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