Fate Winslow free from prison drinking coffee and smiling.

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A Louisiana man set free from a life sentence related to a $20 drug deal, was found murdered last week. Fate Winslow was free just over four months when he was gunned down in his car along with a female passenger.

Cops arrested Winslow, a black male, after an undercover drug deal. Back in 2008 police approached Winslow asking for a girl. When Winslow refused, they asked for weed. Winslow then met with a white drug dealer procuring about $20 worth of weed for the officers.

The officers paid Winslow $5 for the drugs and though the marked $20 bill was found on the white drug dealer, only Winslow was arrested. He was handed a harsh life-sentence without parole.

Winslow spent the next 12 years in the Louisiana State Penitentiary, which shares its land with a former slave plantation, making 80 cents a week. Last year, after the Innocence Project New Orleans looked into his case, Winslow’s lawyer was able to argue inadequate representation during the time of his original sentencing.

Just last December, Winslow was released after being resentenced to time served. Faith Canada, Winslow’s daughter, was only 10 when her father was sentenced to life in prison. She was looking forward to seeing her father after he spent the last few months adjusting to life outside prison. She told The Intercept she tried calling her father to confirm plans last week when he didn’t pick up.

Canada’s aunt called her with the news her father was killed. However, as of a few days ago, the Shreveport Police Department has not reached out to the family with any additional details. Canada told The Intercept, “We don’t know nothing yet. That’s all I was told, they found him and impounded the car.”

Many questions remain after Winslow’s years-long battle to be free. The investigation into his death continues but some aren’t so optimistic. Statistics provided by The Intercept state in 2016 Shreveport had around 46 homicide cases with only 11 arrests made.

Winslow was looking forward to spending his time with his children and a 9-year-old grandson he had yet to meet. He was free just under five months.


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