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At night, in the small town of Pauling, Michigan, people can see a bright light on the sky line. The lights, monikered the Paulding Light, generally grows and seemingly move along the path of the power lines. Onlookers have reported the light can change colors.

An article by Atlas Obscura says the lights can be traced back to “the turn of the century.” As for the origin of the lights, there are a few theories. Some say the lights are from the ghost of a railroad brakeman holding a lantern. Another myth says the moving lights are the result of an Indian dancing on the power lines. Even Ripley’s Believe it or Not was interested in solving the Paulding Light mystery.

However, some Michigan Tech students believe they’ve found the source of the lights. According to WXPR, the students came to the conclusion the lights were a result of traffic off in the horizon. Others can’t be so easily convinced.

Wisconsin native Aaron Halvorson visited the light when he was just a kid. Halvorson told WXPR, “It started kind of at the top of the trees and it looked like it was coming down the hill towards us,” he says. “I remember my grandpa saw it coming at us and he just threw the car in reverse and got out of here. I loved it. I couldn’t figure out what it was, but it was super creepy.” After another visit to the Paulding Light 30 years later, Halvorson doesn’t believe the Michigan Tech explanation. “That wasn’t car lights,” he says. “I have no idea what I saw, but that was pretty freaky.”

The Paulding Light is a major tourist attraction for the tiny town. Those who want to make their own conclusion can visit the light just off Forest Highway 181.

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