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A serial killer is now suspected to be at large in Little Rock, Arkansas after police found a possible connection between four separate stabbings that occurred over the past year.

All of the stabbings occurred in West Little Rock’s Midtown neighborhood between 1 am and 4 am. The first attack took place on August 24 when 64-year-old Larry McChristian was stabbed to death at 2200 South Gaines Street. Then, Jeff Welch was fatally stabbed nearly a month later at 4218 West 12th Street. According to police, the 62-year-old had puncture wounds in his neck. On April 11, a 43-year-old woman survived being stabbed more than a dozen times at 1906 South Pulaski Street. The next day, police found the body of a houseless man on Wright Avenue.

Little Rock Police Chief Keith Humphrey stated that although the victims were chosen at random, the incidences appear to have enough similarities between them to be perpetrated by the same person.

“Detectives took information from those two cases and compared them to two homicides from six months ago and noted similarities in all four cases,” Humphrey said on Thursday. “It was determined then that these incidents could possibly be connected based off the evidence of each case. Therefore, I need to notify the public.”

Police publicly released surveillance camera footage of a potential suspect, but little information is known about his appearance. In addition to the video, Little Rock Police suggested that the alleged assailant may continue to work and/or live in the area and likely has familiarity with the neighborhood in which the victims were attacked.

The FBI is now teaming up with the Little Rock Police to obtain further surveillance footage from the homes and businesses in the area where the stabbings occurred. There is also a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. However, the authorities are not the only ones working to maintain the safety of their community— instead, Little Rock has its very own citizen superhero named Shadow Vision who is known for patrolling the city for crime and is currently on the hunt for the serial stabber.

In a Facebook post on May 2, Shadow Vision directly addressed the alleged serial killer and stated that he would “show this killer what I do to serial killers” when he finds them.

“I know that the serial stabber is keeping an eye on my page here. So this is a threat to you,” Shadow Vision wrote. “I am hunting you right now.”

The police are encouraging anyone who might have information concerning these stabbings or the serial killer at large to contact Little Rock homicide investigators by phone at (501) 371-4636 or by email at You can also follow Shadow Vision on Facebook (@ancientdemons) to keep up with his crime fighting endeavors.

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