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A prank TV show is under fire under over their most recent stint, reenacting ISIS hostage situations complete with faux suicide vests.


The show entitled, “Tannab Rslaan” or “Rslaan’s Shooting”, features celebrities each episode that are put into mock hostage situations. These armed men are from Shia militias, or even Iraqi security dressed in ISIS attire.


In poor taste and judgement, these episodes have celebrities terrified and making pleas for their lives, while the host Rslaan Haddad mocks his blindfolded “guests”.


This past Monday the Iraqi media, who are part of the Ministry of Communications finally banned the show. As each airing of the episodes sparked outrage within viewers and glamorized violence.


The show garner far more attention this year, as families gathered around the television breaking their fasts during Ramadan. One particular episode featuring Iraqi actress, Wafa Salim, aged 54, drew the bulk of public ire.


Salim is heard crying throughout the episode and telling her dead brother that she would be seeing him soon. Haddad attempted to justify he was only trying to remind the people of the bravery against ISIS.


YouTube has since taken down the controversial episode due to violation of community guidelines.

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