Pictured: The late Jonathen Blake Kohler, 31, standing in front of a house. He is half-smiling, looking down at the camera. He is wearing a jeweled stud in each ear and a matching silver chain around his neck.

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BRISTOL, VA — Jonathen Koehler was 31 years old when he was shot and killed in a motel parking lot this year. According to his Facebook, his hobbies included surfing, fishing, bread-making, hunting, and tuning cars.

In the early dawn of March 30th, Koehler sat in a red 1994 Ford Mustang when a verbal dispute broke out between him and officers on the scene. Police were allegedly responding to a 911 call reporting shots fired in the area.

A statement released by police at the time claimed that, after refusing to exit the vehicle, Kohler sped towards one of the policemen – Officer Jonathan Brown. According to Christy Calcagno of WCYB, Virginia State Police reported that Brown “fired at the suspect’s vehicle as it came at him.”

But this narrative did not hold up to scrutiny.

Yesterday, months after the death Jonathen Kohler, Officer Jonathan Brown has been indicted for murder by a grand jury. His bond was set at $25,000. According to WATE 6, Brown turned himself in earlier this morning. OPB reports that Brown was initially placed on paid administrative leave. At this time, following the indictment, he has been suspended without pay.

State Police, contradicting their March statement, reported that Kohler was attempting to exit the parking lot when he was shot by Brown. The evidence presented to the grand jury prior to the indictment has not been disclosed. Further details regarding the 911 call and verbal dispute that preceded the shooting remain unknown.

Koehler is survived by his two sons and their mother, as well as his parents, three siblings, and maternal grandfather.

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