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*No spoilers, just a little plot overview*

I recently discovered David Jackson after buying one of his books on my kindle. True crime fiction is the best kind of fiction and after Jackson was recommended to me, I thought why not.

Jackson quickly shot up to my top three favourite true crime writers. He writes with eloquence and intellect throughout his books, alternating between different perspectives and characters. My favourite thing about Jackson’s books is that they’re not too wordy. I love reading true crime, but a trait often seen among such writers is to focus on police jargon and terminology. Instead, Jackson focuses more on the murders and the mystery behind them. With lots of true crime books, I can often guess at the suspect or the murderer – I have absolutely no clue when reading Jackson’s books. There is an intricate twist at the turn of every page (or at the flick of every wrist).

Jackson keeps you on your toes and his books are addictive and hard to put down – trust me, I read three in one day. My favourite series of Jackson’s has to be the Callum Doyle series as Doyle is a likeable character, again not using too much police terminology. Jackson’s books are a must read. Here are three of my favourites – all from the Doyle series – that you will not be able to put down.

Cry Baby

This was the first book of Jackson’s I read, despite being fourth in the Doyle series. It is by far my favourite book by Jackson, with so many shock twists along the way. My predictions for the book were way off – hopefully I’m not the only one. The story follows Erin Vogel, a mother attacked and left unconscious in her apartment. When she awakens, her baby is gone. The only way to get her baby back is to do the unthinkable. Erin must ask herself, what’s the life of your child worth?


This is the first book in the Doyle series and I regret not reading the series in order as it helps me make sense of some details in later books. The novel follows Doyle coping with the murder of his police partner, but things continue to go south for the NYPD cop. Doyle’s next partner is immediately killed and he receives a warning that he is now a pariah. Doyle must cut himself off from everyone, but can he work out who the killer is all by himself?

The Helper

This is the second book in the Doyle series and a joint second for my favourite Jackson book. The elements of mystery and suspense in the book is an uncontrollable force. It’s one of those books you want to read as fast as you can – I can’t cope with the unknown. This story focuses a lot more on Doyle’s life, rather than flicking through multiple characters’ perspectives. A young woman is brutally murdered in a bookshop in New York City. Detective Doyle is dragged into the mess when the killer offers to help him solve who the next victim is. Can Doyle successfully work with the killer to catch the killer?

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