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Alameda Police are under investigation after the death of a Latino man, Mario Gonzalez, who was just 26 years old.


The Bay Area native’s death occurred when officers had pinned him to the ground for more than five minutes, kneeling on his back and shoulder. Eventually Gonzalez became unresponsive, as shown in body camera footage released this past Tuesday.


Gonzalez’s encounter with the police occurred on April 19th in the city of Alameda, at a park near Oakland. Authorities responded to two 911 calls regarding a disoriented man who was in possession of some alcohol bottles.


The footage which was released is compiled from multiple police body cameras. They show the police arriving at the park and having a conversation with Gonzalez, who at the time appeared to be out of it. When the officers ask him for identification, he is unable to provide any.


Soon enough the 10-minute conversation turns forceful. The officers then grab Gonzalez by his arms and attempt to bind them behind his back. He resists, asking them to decease and profusely apologizing. Which quickly escalates to a back and forth of apologies from Gonzalez and continued force from authorities.


*Viewer discretion is advised. Footage can be very disturbing for some audiences! *


In a statement obtained by the New York times from the Gonzalez family’s attorney, Julia Sherwin she says: “His death was completely avoidable and unnecessary. Drunk guy in a park doesn’t equal a capital sentence.”


The three officers involved in the incident have since been placed on paid leave as an autopsy for Gonzalez is pending in the City of Alameda.


Gonzalez is survived by his four-year-old son and was the primary caretaker of his 22-year-old autistic brother.


Gonzalez’s mother, Edith Arenales, told the Associated Press: “He’s a lovely guy. He’s respectful, all the time. They broke my family for now reason.”

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