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The Eugene Police Department arrested Jeremy Cantu in connection to the disappearance of his children.

Kyden Cantu, 1, Trulee Cantu, 6, and Robert Mena III, 10, went missing Thursday. According to NBC 16, Cantu and 28-year-old Whitley McGrady took the children around 4:30 p.m. near the University of Oregon campus. Officials said they were last located at 2050 E. 23rd Ave.

Cantu and McGrady are the children’s non-custodial parents, and officers announced the felony warrants for custodial interference. According to KEZI 9 News, the couple drove a 2002 gold Lexus 300. The license plate number is “988LKA.”

Kyden was last seen wearing a red shirt and plaid shorts. Trulee wore a purple shirt and Robert wore a white shirt.

Although Jeremy Cantu is in custody, the children are still missing along with McGrady.

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