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There is a crisis happening at the Mexican borders. As a result of the influx of immigration occurring at the border, the numbers of kidnappings have risen. Vice World News covered a story about a man named Don.


He like many others during this current political and COVID climate, has been separated from his family who reside here in the states. Don left behind his wife and two daughters in San Jose, California, where he resided more than a decade before being deported back to Mexico.


Seemingly with no legal way to be reunited with his family, Don decided to turn to smugglers to get him across the border and back to Los Angeles. The price tag for this task: $12,000 USD.


However, 10 minutes into his trip, Don realized something was amiss. He overheard the two men in the green SUV he was packed into.


“Did you bring the gun?”


“Yeah, in case they want to run.”


Don’s kidnapping occurred on January 13, 2014. According to reports in the years since, tens of thousands of other migrants like himself have met the same fate. In the midst of the chaos of human smuggling are the ransom wire transfers that are done through American companies.


In Don’s case, he was fortunate enough to survive the ordeal and be reunited with his family. But in a majority of scenarios, it is the exact opposite in a tangled web that continues to consume.


Read Don’s full harrowing tale here.



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