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23-year-old dental hygienist student, Tammy Begay was a member of the Navajo Nation.  As were mother and daughter, Fran Tah, 34, and Ariel Tah, 16.  Tragically, this heritage is not the only detail that unifies these three women.

Early Sunday morning, Begay was stabbed to death by her boyfriend Mason Nez, 23. Nez was captured on the building’s surveillance footage, stabbing and beating Begay inside the complex’s clubhouse.

Begay and Nez dated sporadically for over a year.  Tempe police had to be contacted multiple times to intervene in the couple’s relationship.  Specifically during March and July of the last year when allegations of Nez assaulting Begay were made.

Nez now faces first-degree murder charges for Begay’s killing.

On April 13th, Fran and Ariel Tah were murdered by Herbert Jefferson Sr. (their father-in-law and grandfather respectively) at the Cliffside Apartments in Gallup.

A source close to the family claimed that Jefferson had been abusing his granddaughter leading up to the killings.

After killing the mother and daughter, Jefferson returned to his home in Fort Defiance, Arizona, and took his own life.

With both investigations still ongoing, the family’s of the victims have set up GoFundMes, seeking support in this difficult time: Begay’s, and the Tah’s.

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