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Police shot a suspected murderer connected to the killing of a 7-year-old girl multiple times on April 22 during an attempted carjacking.

According to Fox News, Chicago Police were monitoring the suspect after his alleged involvement in the shooting of Jaslyn Adams on April 18. The suspect killed the young girl at a McDonald’s drive-thru. Her father Jontae Adams, 29, remains in hospital with multiple gunshot wounds.

The unidentified suspect attempted to escape on the 290 Freeway after realising the police were observing them. According to Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown, the suspect crashed his vehicle on the shoulder and attempted to carjack a family’s vehicle.

Officers immediately shot the suspect, however, it is unclear if they even brandished a weapon. But, investigators recovered two firearms from the suspect. Both NBC and Fox News recognise a lack of details concerning the confrontation and shooting.

The suspect remains in hospital at this time.



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