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Life mimicked the world of Mario Kart this past Wednesday as a 71-year-old- woman and her daughter were driving along Florida’s Interstate 95, when somehow a turtle shattered through the windshield of their car.


The unusual event left the elderly woman with a gash on her forehead.


Her daughter immediately pulled over and got help from another driver and called for 911. This is what the recordings said:


“There is a turtle in there,” the male motorist says.


“A turtle!” the woman’s daughter exclaimed. “An actual turtle?”


“I swear to God this lady has the worst luck of anything,” the daughter continued as she spoke to the 911 operator while tending to her mother’s wound.


The forehead injury drew a fair amount of blood, but the woman did not sustain any serious injuries. A likely scenario for the flying turtle was it was hit by another vehicle while crossing the road, which resulted it to become airborne.


The turtle in question was totally fine, sustaining only a few scratches on its shell and was released back into the nearby woods, according to Port Orange Police Officer Andre Fleming.

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