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Let’s be honest, we all have wanted to speed up and “jump” over a drawbridge as seen in many action movies. Not only is it thrilling, but it’s exciting! But of course, we would never do that. Cause it’s, ya know, against the law… and should only be done by professionals in a safe setting/in movies with CGI.

However, an adrenaline junkie in Daytona Beach, Florida, driving an SUV drove through a crossing arm and got some air time while jumping over a drawbridge. The vehicle goes right through the second traffic arm on the way out, heading towards the beach. It’s the second time this year that someone has made the leap.

Daytona police are seeking the driver. Local officials are issuing public reminders that jumping drawbridges is both illegal and dangerous. That might seem ridiculous, but sadly, some people need to hear it.

The video below shows a second-generation Hyundai Santa Fe speeding up the two-lane bridge toward the pair of red and white traffic arms that are supposed to control traffic when the deck is going up. The driver keeps his right foot down and barrels through the right traffic arm, which immediately breaks and leaves a hideous white scar of spiderwebbed glass across the entire width of the windshield.

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