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Authorities are looking for Sierra Hunter, a 19-year-old who went missing from Anadarko, Oklahoma over two weeks ago, after she was reportedly seen in Austin, Texas on April 8.

Chelsey Hunter, Sierra’s older sister and former guardian, stated that her sister called her from a Texas number on April 8 and that she had seemed upset.

“She was clearly in distress, she was hysteric,” Chelsey said. “She said a lot of thing that didn’t make sense.” In an interview with MurderMurder News, Chelsey revealed that she was unaware that her sister had been missing for quite some time when she received the call.

“She yelled at me and she said, ‘Chelsey, do I have anything important to do today?'” Chelsey recalled. “And now that I know that she was missing, I kind of go back to the thing that I was thinking in my head that she was probably around someone where she couldn’t talk or say what she needed to say. It sounded like she was panicking. And then she just told me, “I love you, everything will be okay.” Immediately afterwards, Sierra hung up.

Sierra had also called her older brother on the same day and held a similar conversation that ended with her telling him that everything was going to be okay. A few days later, their mother called Chelsea to let her know that Sierra disappeared on Easter Sunday.

“My biological mother called me a few days later and told me that she needed my help because my sister was missing for 11 days. I asked her if she had reported her missing— she didn’t,” Chelsey said. “So I went straight to the police, reported her missing and just started there. A private investigator that we were working with tracked the phone number that she called us off of in Austin, Texas to a man.”

Chelsey called the man herself and he told her about his encounter with Sierra.

“His story was that she was on the side of the road in Austin, Texas with no shoes on and he picked her up and took her to his house,” Chelsey said. Based on police reports, the man stated that Sierra went to the bathroom for two hours. When she finally came out, she was bald.

“He said that it freaked him out so he drove her somewhere in Austin and made her get out of his car. His statement was that he watched her walk towards the woods,” Chelsey told MurderMurder News. However, the man’s statement did not match up with the story that he had told one of Chelsey’s cousinsˇ.

According to Chelsey, the private investigator told her that the man has violent felonies on his record and was once registered as a sex offender in Texas. Chelsey asserted that Sierra is believed to be in danger and that homicide detectives are investigating her disappearance and the man that allegedly last saw her alive.

Sierra missing Texas
“Missing” flyer of Sierra Hunter. Her sister, Chelsey Hunter, told MurderMurder News that no one knows for certain where Sierra was heading when she disappeared on April 4.

Chelsey and her family visited Austin last week to search for Sierra, but little information was known about what the 19-year-old had been wearing on the day she went missing or where she might have gone before or after encountering the man on the side of the highway. Chelsey visited numerous houseless communities in the Austin area and passed out flyers of her sister, but no one recognized her nor knew any more information about her whereabouts on April 8.

Chelsey adamantly believes that her sister didn’t travel to Austin to meet up anyone she knew. Instead, she feels that Sierra’s mental health was a possible impetus behind her behavior.

“She’s been having schizophrenic outbreaks and it’s untreated and it’s been a really tough year for her,” Chelsey said. “Her mental health was getting so bad and I think there was a little bit of drug use.” Chelsey also added that Sierra is supposed to be on medication for her schizophrenia but she has been trying to “handle it herself” and has not been following her regimen.

Aside from her sister’s recent difficulties with her schizophrenia, Chelsey also worries that Anadarko’s treatment of Native American women (and overall dangerous environment) may have played a role in Sierra’s disappearance.

“Anadarko is a small town and the murder rate is high, and it’s a lot of Native American people (it’s a Native American community),” Chelsey explained. “And there are literal organizations for missing and murdered indigenous women— like that is how many Native American women go missing. It’s just not big in the media.”

Nonetheless, Chelsey is focusing her efforts on her sister’s immediate surroundings on the day that she vanished. Ultimately, the details of Sierra’s disappearance are still a mystery to everyone involved in her case.

“Honestly we don’t know the last person who saw her. We have an idea, but we’re having a hard time making a timeline of where she was seen, when, what day it was— we really don’t know. We just know that on Easter, she was with my mom and then she walked out the door of my mom’s house and never came back.”

If you or anyone you now has seen Sierra Hunter or has information on her whereabouts, please call the Austin Police Department at (512) 974-6954 or the Anadarko Police Department at (405) 247-2411.

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