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Last Tuesday, a group of three men posing as child welfare officials, arrived in the village of Pulieres, located between the boarder of France and Switzerland.


The men appeared at the residence of an 8-year-old girl named Mia. The child has been taken from her mother’s custody back in January and given custody to her maternal grandmother. Mia’s grandmother was under the impression they were doing a simple welfare check and even provided documents to solidify their identities.Unfortunately, the three men were not who they said to be. They are part of an online group of QAnon survivalists who have plans to abduct numerous children, in addition to bombing vaccination clinics.


In a statement obtained by prosecutors they were contacted by Mia’s mother, Lola Montemaggi, who allegedly told them to abduct her daughter. The French prosecutors detail the plan as a, “military operation, run by extremely well-prepared kidnappers”, went according to plan. In the 20 minutes preceding Mia’s kidnapping, the men handed the child over to her mother, who then proceeded to walk across the border into Switzerland with Mia.


When an Amber alert was issued, the men were quickly apprehended. Mia was not found until this past Sunday. She was discovered with her mother squatting within an abandoned factory located in the Swiss municipality of Sainte-Croix.


The kidnappers and Montemaggi shared anti-establishment ideas in online forums including: anti-mask movements, anti-vaxx theories, and 5G conspiracies. They also are adamant supporters of the theory that elite people around the world are running a global child sex trafficking network.


A house search of each of the men’s homes found a scripted dialogue in preparation of kidnapping Mia from her grandmother, along with other evidence of materials used to make explosives. They also found online chat logs between the group that detailed where they planned on detonating explosives at vaccine centers.


QAnon activity has since been surging in France in recent months, showing that the group is not only a threat in the US but, a global one despite it’s American roots.

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