15-Year-Old Girl Murdered by Police in Columbus


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Ma’khia Bryant was a 16-year-old girl from Columbus, Ohio. On Tuesday afternoon, she called local police because of an altercation occurring outside her home. When the police arrived, they shot Ma’khia in the chest four times.

Authorities claimed that they were responding to a call for an attempted stabbing that had occurred at 3000 block of Legion Lane.

The officer that shot Ma’khia claimed that she had tried to attack him with a knife.

This has been disputed by witnesses to the scene who declared that Ma’khia had armed herself with the knife as a defensive measure. To protect herself from the threat of violence that she had called the police to come and handle in the first place.

The mayor of Columbus, Andrew Ginter, has confirmed the existence of bodycam footage of the event. This has yet to be released to the public. But video of the despicable act was captured by bystanders and shared on social media platforms. Due to the graphic nature of said content, and out of respect of the victim, such evidence will not be included in this article.

Ma’khia’s violent and tragic death occurred just minutes before the verdict in the killing of George Floyd was announced.

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