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This week on Florida Man Friday, we are dealing with someone who believes they are a fantasy character from the Harry Potter series. I mean, if I were to pick a fantasy land to live in, it may as well be at Hogwarts.

Sadly, the crimes committed by this person were deadly. Nastasia Snape, 23, struck and killed a New York federal judge and then hit a 6-year-old boy. The child is expected to recover and has since been released from the hospital.

At least three witnesses told cops that Snape was driving erratically. Snape, who oddly enough shares a last name with Severus Snape, a main character in the Harry Potter novels, didn’t stop until she crashed at an intersection, where officers found her unconscious inside her vehicle. As an officer approached the crashed car, “he could see Snape begin to convulse and have seizure-like movements.” Snape came to shortly thereafter but was unable to make eye contact or hold a conversation. Once inside an ambulance, she “began to scream and fight with medics stating that she was ‘Harry Potter.’”

The paramedics had to give Snape 400 milligrams of Ketamine to calm her down. At the hospital, officers found a designer drug known as “T” in her purse.

Snape has been charged with leaving the scene of a crash involving death, vehicular homicide, and leaving the scene of a crash involving injury.

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