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An unnamed suspect shot a 52-year-old woman working on a Bronx construction site on April 14. Her boyfriend then ran down the defendant with his car.

The attack occured at 12:30 on City Island Avenue, after a 67-year-old man rode up on a bicycle and opened fire. Brooklyn resident Lizbeth Mass was struck multiple times and died later in hospital.

The victim’s boyfriend, who was visiting Mass on her lunch, chased the suspect in his own vehicle before striking him with a car. The boyfriend exited his vehicle, pursued the suspect on foot and beat him up. The 58-year-old contained the suspect until police arrived.

Mass worked at the construction site for two weeks. According to residents, “She’s very animated, she has a very bubbly personality.” According to ABC News, the gunman knew the victim and often brought her lunch. Consequently, the motive for the shooting remains unclear.

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