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Kaylee Messerly and her two daughters.


Colorado – Kaylee Messerly, 36, was arrested last Friday and charged with child abuse from the resulting death and child abuse of her two daughters, according to the Moffat County Sheriff’s Office.


Messerly had spent two frigid nights in a car after getting stranded on a deserted road. The ordeal left her 18-month-old daughter dead and her 3-year-old requiring foot amputations.


After the rescue, Messerly allegedly tested positive for methamphetamines, amphetamines, and THC, according to an arrest warrant obtained by news station KDVR.


Messerly and hear daughters went missing on March 9th after a drive and got her car stuck near County Road 54 which is not frequently traveled during winter months. She told police during her statement she had become disoriented and lost after her car was caught in the mud.

“She shut her car off, then she could not get it to start again,” the arrest warrant states. “She and her children sat in the car for about four hours, hoping that someone would come along and help them.” When no one came, “she realized she probably had sat in the car too long,” the warrant says. “She decided to take her children and began walking towards what she thought was a house.  She stated it turned out that what she thought was a house, was not, instead it (sic) to be a pump house.  It soon became dark, then it started snowing.” 

After two nights in the harsh conditions, helped had finally arrived. When rescuers arrived, Messerly and her two daughters were suffering from exposure to the cold. By then the 18-month-old child was already dead. While Messerly’s remaining daughter was flown to Children’s Hospital in Aurora for feet amputation due to frostbite.

Messerly remains in custody at Moffat County Jail as she awaits her next court date.

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