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An ongoing investigation of the disappearance of Angela Mack Cox and her son, Mikey, is now closed after a woman, Barbara Krusen, confessed that her husband, Clarence Krusen, killed them. However, Clarence has been dead since 2012 after being fatally shot, and Barbara will not face charges in connection to the case- so where is the justice for this mother and son?

According to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, detectives spoke to Barbara in 2020 where she acknowledged meeting Angela in the fall of 2002. Barbara said Angela was working on their farm in Alton, Missouri. The widow also told police that Angela, who wanted to move to California, agreed to let the Krusens adopt her son, even signing papers that would enable them to do so.

Barbara told investigators that Angela told Clarence she’d had a change of heart about giving up her son, and wanted to come back to get him. Barbara stated that it angered both her and Clarence. Reportedly, Barbara told Angela she needed to come back and pick up Mikey- that she didn’t want to just be a babysitter.

Barbara said they sent Angela money for a bus ticket, and picked her up in Springfield, Missouri, before heading back to their farm. The next morning, there were no signs of Angela or Mikey.

A polygraph test was administered to Barbara on April 2, 2021, where she failed. During the post-interview, Barbara stated that Clarence killed Angela and her son and destroyed their bodies in a furnace that they had attached to their farmhouse. Detectives believe Barbara’s claims about Angela and her son, but have been unable to find any trace of the victims’ remains.

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