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Early Thursday morning, Paing Was was taken from his family home in North Dagon at 05:00 local time. According to Takhon’s sister, Thi Thi Lwin 8 military trucks containing 50 soldiers arrived to arrest Was.

Paing Was is a popular celebrity in Southeast Asia. Both an actor and a model, his fans span from his home of Myanmar to other countries, like Thailand.

The 24-year-old was also well-known for his public activism, specifically participating in a number of demonstrations denouncing the military coup in Myanmar. It is this activism that garnered him the negative attention of the military state.

Arrest warrants for nearly 100 actors, filmmakers, journalists, and other celebrities have been issued for their speaking out against the coup.

Wide-scale protests continue across Myanmar, decrying the militaristic coup occurring in the country. These demonstrations began back at the beginning of February when the military first seized power. The military justified their takeover by claiming election fraud occurred during the general election.  Thus negated the alleged result of the votes.

Those close to Takhon shared that he had been “aware of the consequences” that he would face, and that he was “not scared at all”.

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